Gil Fink is Speaking in Techorama 2017

Event Name: Techorama 2017
Event Date: 5/24/2017
Event Type: Conference
Event Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Event Details:

In the conference, our expert Gil Fink will have two sessions:

Who’s Afraid of Front-End Databases?

IndexedDB is a full-blown database that is hosted inside your browser. In data driven scenarios it can help you to persist your data inside your front-end. IndexedDB can also help you to persist data in mobile web disconnected environments and later on the data will be available for synchronization to the server. In this session you will learn what is IndexedDB, how to use it and how to incorporate it in your AngularJS apps.

Redux Data Flow with Angular 2

There are many ways to create data flows in Angular 2. One of those ways is the architectural pattern called Redux. Redux is a small library which introduces a unidirectional data flow and a predictable state container that scales. In this session we will deep dive into Redux concepts and how to apply them in Angular 2 apps.