Gil Fink is Speaking in Geektime DevFest 2016

Event Name: Geektime DevFest 2016
Event Date: 11/20/2016
Event Type: Conference
Event Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Event Details:

In the conference, our expert Gil Fink will have a session about web components:

Componentize your app with Web Components

Web development changed dramatically during the last years. With the enormous amount of JavaScript libraries and the new HTML5 standard, today it is easier to create single page applications (SPA). When building SPAs, you will probably want to reuse some of the web components you built. But how you can do that with the current state of HTML and without a know framework? One of the new and emerging standards is Web Components. The Web Components standard enables you to create reusable web components that include HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This session will be all about Web Components and how to use them in your next web app.